Announcing Three Major Contributions to the Foundation!

October 05, 2017


As the momentum continues building in our community, we are proud to announce three new major contributions to the Symphony Software Foundation.

Symphony Communication Services LLC has contributed the core libraries of their new, micro services based next generation core platform and will be contributing their cryptographic libraries by the end of 2017. We are excited to see Symphony embrace open source development and deliver inspectable and transparent security to one of the core tenets of our Foundation.

In addition, yesterday, Deutsche Bank announced the contribution of a major component of the Autobahn platform, its Plexus Interoperability framework. We are absolutely thrilled to see a major financial firm embrace open source as a strategic technology choice, and we believe this is yet another sign of the awakening of Wall Street to modern innovation models. We look forward to seeing this technology integrated with Symphony. In the meantime, enjoy a little preview of the amazing interop capabilities Plexus will enable.

For more information, see our Executive Director, Gabriele Columbro's presentation at Symphony Innovate 2017, featuring Lawrence Miller, Symphony's Chief Security Officer, and Jim Adams, Deutsche Bank's Chief Technology Officer for Global Markets.

Interested in learning more about open source innovation in fintech? Join us at the Open Source Strategy Forum on November 8th at the BNY Mellon Conference Center in NYC. 
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