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Outlook for Open Source in FinTech 2018

We kicked off the new year with our first monthly Open Source and FinTech Meetup at Rise New York last Monday for an evening of networking, drinks, and an interactive panel discussion. The meetup was co-hosted by the Symphony Software Foundation and TTM Advisors and welcomed over 50 New Yorkers interested in the intersection of open source and FinTech.

The Case for an Open Source Ecosystem

Last week at FinJS London, I had the chance to share the Foundation’s vision for an open source fintech ecosystem. As usual, our friends at OpenFin did a terrific job with the event and I had great conversations with folks from banks, startups, and vendors. Here I share my thoughts, as well as the video of the presentation.  

Getting FinServ Ready for Open Source, as featured on tabbforum


While open source has gradually become central to the business models of even the most reluctant firms in the software industry, software development in financial services remains uniquely siloed. For all of their technical sophistication and business savvy, few firms are ready to make the jump from consuming open source to contributing to an open source project.

Designing policies for productive open source engagement

Open source readiness in the financial services industry

Shiny blue binary code on black background.jpegThe Symphony Software Foundation’s mission is to foster the open development of software infrastructure shared by the financial services and fintech industries. And while even the last holdouts against open source in the software industry have at last embraced collaborative development—Microsoft recently joined the Linux Foundation—most financial services firms still approach open source with caution.

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