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Strangers in a Strange Land, Open Source in Financial Services

October 26, 2017

How does open, collaborative software development work in an industry known for secrecy and burdensome regulation? Peter Monks, VP of Technology at Symphony Software Foundation, highlights how we can bring these communities together, as presented at All Things Open 2017. 

By The Numbers: 2017 So Far

July 25, 2017

It has been right around 6 months since I last wrote about the state of the open source projects hosted by the Foundation and I figured it was high time to revisit the topic and share a mid-year update. In January’s post, I concluded with a teaser of some work that, at that time, was just getting under way:

“We are currently investigating what it would take to provide soft real-time metrics (initially for projects) to project teams, the community, the ESCo and ultimately, the Foundation Board, and have identified a number of intriguing solutions in this space.”

Recap: Open Innovation Challenge, Silicon Valley

Earlier this month, the Symphony Software Foundation conducted its first public hackathon of the year, in conjunction with Deutsche Bank Labs, Silicon Valley. As our first hackathon outside the major financial hubs of London and New York, I saw it as an opportunity to attract new types of participants and this was a great success - many of the participants had not previously used or heard of Symphony, and many of them did not come from a financial services or fintech background.

2016 by the numbers

February 10, 2017

What an exciting first year of activity for the Symphony Software Foundation! From a standing start a year ago, we’ve accelerated over the course of 2016 to become one of the larger open source communities within the financial services and technology industries. Now that the team, governance and processes are in place, we’re looking forward to building our momentum through 2017.

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