Starting an Open Source Program at your Finserv or FinTech

March 30, 2018

Open Source and Fintech Meetup March

Last week we welcomed open source expert Jim Jagielski to the New York Open Source Fintech Meetup, where he gave an engaging presentation about implementing open source programs: why financial services firms and fintechs need them and how to establish and run an effective one. Check out Jim’s full presentation below.


Jim is a well known and acknowledged expert and visionary in Open Source, an accomplished coder, and frequent engaging presenter on all things open, web, and cloud related. As a developer, he’s made substantial code contributions to just about every core technology behind the Internet and Web and in 2012 was awarded the O’Reilly Open Source Award. In 2015 he received the Innovation Luminary Award from the EU. He is best known as one of the developers and co-founders of the Apache Software Foundation, where he previously served as both Chairman and President and where he’s been on the Board of Directors since day one. He serves as President of the Outercurve Foundation and was also a director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Until recently, he worked at Capital One as a Sr. Director in the Tech Fellows program.


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