2017 A Year in Review

January 17, 2018

Open Source Has made its entrance

In 2017 the financial services industry asked: What is open source and why does it matter? This interest in open source itself is a huge milestone for an industry filled with legal and regulatory hurdles. Not only was open source a topic of interest in 2017, but banks and FinTech start-ups took it a step further – realizing the benefits of collaboration, they began to embrace open source and integrate it into their core strategy and value proposition. Read Open Banking Starts with Opening Bank Culture and The Symphony Software Foundation: Bringing Open Source to Wall Street to hear more about these exciting changes.

Building the Backbone of Open Source Development for Financial Services

January 15, 2018

Case Study: Partnering with WhiteSource, the Symphony Software Foundation is building the future of open source development for the financial services industry.

Coding in the Open - Symphony Integrations

December 18, 2017

Notes from Daitan Group on Symphony Integrations Development

Daitan Group
provides software product development services to leading global technology companies including Symphony and contributed significantly to the Symphony Integrations project, which is one of the top 3 most active projects hosted by the Symphony Software Foundation.

The Case for an Open Source Ecosystem

Last week at FinJS London, I had the chance to share the Foundation’s vision for an open source fintech ecosystem. As usual, our friends at OpenFin did a terrific job with the event and I had great conversations with folks from banks, startups, and vendors. Here I share my thoughts, as well as the video of the presentation.  

A Brave New World for Open Source and Financial Services

 Last month, we at the Symphony Software Foundation, were proud to host the Open Source Strategy Forum in New York City. We were joined by over 300 industry professionals from financial services, financial technology, open source, and beyond. With keynotes delivered by whurley (Goldman Sachs), Amber Baldet (J.P. Morgan), John Stecher (Barclays), Nithya Ruff (Comcast), Joe McCann (NodeSource), Jim Jagielski (CapitalOne), and others, complete with 30+ talks, it was an incredibly valuable day of content and networking. But most importantly we built the identity of a new Community, one that will drive open innovation in the industry. Thanks to all of you who joined us there.

Symphony Publishes OpenAPI Specification

In June 2017, the Symphony LLC platform engineering team published the OpenAPI specifications for the Symphony REST APIs as an open source project hosted by the Symphony Software Foundation. We think this represents a substantial improvement in how the platform’s APIs are documented, delivered, and consumed by users of these APIs.

OSSF 2017: Where Fintech Met Open Source with Open Arms!

November 16, 2017

Last week we hosted the first annual Open Source Strategy Forum at BNY Mellon in NYC! The event welcomed over 300 attendees from the Fintech, legal, and open source communities.   

Driving Innovation with Open Source: 5 Reasons to Attend OSSF

November 03, 2017

It only takes one developer to change your industry and your customers’ expectations.  When the world's largest taxi company owns no vehicles, the most popular media owner creates no content, and the most valuable retailer has no inventory—what should we expect for the marketplace as we know it?  How does this impact the financial services industry and how can you stay ahead of it?

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