OSSF 2017: Where Fintech Met Open Source with Open Arms!

November 16, 2017

Last week we hosted the first annual Open Source Strategy Forum at BNY Mellon in NYC! The event welcomed over 300 attendees from the Fintech, legal, and open source communities.   

Driving Innovation with Open Source: 5 Reasons to Attend OSSF

November 03, 2017

It only takes one developer to change your industry and your customers’ expectations.  When the world's largest taxi company owns no vehicles, the most popular media owner creates no content, and the most valuable retailer has no inventory—what should we expect for the marketplace as we know it?  How does this impact the financial services industry and how can you stay ahead of it?

Private Pods in the Financial Markets

Microsoft refers to private clouds as a “temporary inevitability”.  Temporary needs to be defined; in the case of the Financial markets, temporary could mean 10 years or more.  
GreenKey, like Symphony, offers "private pods". Although, unlike Symphony, GreenKey's design allows all components to be installed on-premises, either on a private cloud or a physical box. More technically, our pods are one or more containers that share storage, network and scripts for when and how to run GreenKey’s voice collaboration and transcription services.  

Strangers in a Strange Land, Open Source in Financial Services

October 26, 2017

How does open, collaborative software development work in an industry known for secrecy and burdensome regulation? Peter Monks, VP of Technology at Symphony Software Foundation, highlights how we can bring these communities together, as presented at All Things Open 2017. 

Open Source, Emerging Standards, and Quantum Computing: Evangelizing the Future

October 23, 2017

Hear whurley, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, speak at the Open Source Strategy Forum at the BNY Mellon Conference Center on November 8.

VIDEO: Building a Financial Services Ecosystem: How To Best Integrate Data & Tools

October 19, 2017

Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director at Symphony Software Foundation, took the stage at the Benzinga Fintech Summit on September 28 in San Francisco in a panel session titled "Building A Financial Services Ecosystem: How To Best Integrate Data & Tools."

Open Compute Project to present on open it infrastructure at ossf 2017

Joshua Matheus, Open Compute Project Foundation Board Member, and Global Head of Networks for Goldman Sachs, will be making a presentation entitled The Open Compute Project: Open IT Infrastructure to Achieve Greater Choice, Customization, and Cost Savings at the 2017 Open Source Strategy Forum, on 8 November, in downtown New York City.

Talks We're Looking Forward to at the Open Source Strategy Forum, by NodeSource

In just a few weeks, the NodeSource team will be attending the Open Source Strategy Forum in New York City. There some compelling talks on the schedule for November 8th, covering topics of community-wide appeal. Everything from understanding licensing issues, like those we recently saw around BSD+Patents in the React community, to enabling developers to contribute back in the open. Here are a few of the talks we’re looking forward to at the event.

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